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Posted by on April 25, 2012

G.M.T. a term I learned today. It stands for Great Missionary Training!

Over the past few days, we have had some lovely weather, it is obvious that spring is on it’s way and bugs are starting to appear. Typically this time of year, we find a few spiders and ants that make their way into our house. This year has not been any different. Until last night.

When Stacy came home around 10:oo last night, he walked in and said, “We have got a problem!” I was a little startled and asked him to explain. He took me downstairs to the spare room and asked me to listen. You could hear what sounded like raindrops on the window, or crinkling foil. I asked what it was, he informed me it was the carpenter ants that had made their way into our basement wall. Realizing this was an issue that we were not able to resolve, we decided to call pest control.

This morning, I called pest control. I am so thankful they were able to make it today. The good news is, there is no structural damage, and the ants were only holidaying in the walls of the house. The main nest was outside. For this I was thankful. So, when I left for work this morning, I reminded myself that God made carpenter ants, and He did have a purpose in creating them; although I admit, I struggled to understand what this was.  As I drove away, I accepted the fact that my home was being guarded by carpenter ants, and God was in control. When I came home this evening, I came home to their graveyard.

So, why the term G.M.T.? Well, in Niger, carpenter ants are not the concern, but rather their cousins known as termites are. This experience, I am thinking, might have been preparation for what could lie ahead.

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