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Praise the Lord

Posted by on May 21, 2012

Oops! It has been a long time since I have done an update.

This weekend, we had our garage sale. There were many donations made by community members, family and friends. Our garage was definitely full. Thursday night we started taking stuff over to the church. After three trips with multiple vehicles, our garage was still half full. By Friday night, we had everything moved over and set up. We had the fellowship hall at the church filled with a variety of furniture, the entryway was filled with gadgets and gismos and tables flooded down the front walk way of the church. We ended up renting construction fences to surround all the treasures. Stacy and a friend took turns on the night shift.

Furniture filling the Fellowship Hall

Saturday morning came and so did the people. Customers started arriving at 7:00 am and they remained pretty consistent until noon. Then as we were trying to pack up, more people kept coming. It truly was amazing. I had no idea garage sales could be this profitable. We sold all the baking, all the smokies and the vast majority of items. It was amazing!

Brianna and her cousin at the baking table!

Smokies in a bun.


Then as we were packing up, a young couple approached us about our car. By Saturday afternoon, our car was sold. Yesterday they came to pick it up. It was amazing. Even this young couples story of why they needed a car. The young mans comment was “This was totally meant to be”. Oh, if he only knew!

Another fantastic highlight to the weekend was getting to meet Nancy. Nancy is on staff at Sahel. I loved gabbing with her and asking her myriads of questions. She was so gracious. Not only that, but Lisa Rohrick also came home this weekend. Two friends from Niamey in our midst. What God won’t do to bring comfort and encouragement to us.

Meeting Nancy

Our heads are spinning from this weekend. Our God is such a good God. He is so faithful. As I sang in church yesterday, I was struck by the words in one of the choruses. “He gives and takes away.” Over the years, God has given us so much, He has provided in many ways. This weekend, we gave up a lot of the material possessions. Some of these were hard to let go. But as we did, He gave again in so many other ways. Walking by faith is the hardest thing I have ever done, but it is definitely the most rewarding. “God is a good God, YES HE IS!”


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