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African Outfits, Drivers Licenses, and a…..

Posted by on August 19, 2012

This past week once again brought many firsts. The girls and I were able to get our first African outfits. We bought ready made ones. The ladies at the clothing market were having a great time outfitting us, especially when they put a head wrap on me. I am thinking this could be the best solution to the crazy frizzy hair that I am experiencing!


Then on our way home from work on Friday, we stopped to pick up our drivers licenses. Yippee! So, we headed back to the school to pick up the van and we attempted the drive home. Stacy felt like a 16 year old learning to drive for the first time. It was a little intimidating, especially being rush hour. He did a great job and God blessed us with open spots in traffic in some of the trickier locations. Getting use to not having power steering is going to take some time. The girls love the van and the fact that we can fit so many people in it. We celebrated Friday night in North American fashion…. coke and pringles!

Drivers Licenses

The back of the van

This week has also brought a lot of rain and we have seen the river rise quickly. Although the rain is needed, people have lost homes and crops as the river has washed them out. As I type this, it is raining again. We are anxious to see how high the river is and if it has reached the school yet. Yesterday they were sandbagging at the school in preparation for the river to rise more. We are told that although rainy season will come to an end in the next month, the river will continue to rise until December.

Yesterday, we surprised the girls. We were given a little puppy for free. He is a healthy little pup about 2 months old. We don’t know what kind of puppy he is, but he sure is cute! We have namde him Chaco. Stacy is excited to have another male around the house. Already they have done a lot of bonding, especially in the wee hours of the morning. The girls are super excited as they have wanted a pet for a long time.

Stacy & Chaco

Joy & Chaco

Brianna & Chaco

Rebekah & Chaco


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