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No School This Week!

Posted by on August 20, 2012

Many of you have possibly already heard about the rising river here. Yesterday, all the staff were called to the school to come and help. Everything in all the classrooms, offices, library, shop, computer lab etc. had to be moved three feet higher. The dikes along the river have given away in a few places. Being as close to the river as we are, the school is at threat of being flooded. Yesterday, Stacy was a part of a crew that was bagging sand and hauling the sandbags through knee deep water to build a barrier in an attempt to hold the water back. Today, they continue to do what they can to try and prevent the waters from causing to much damage. It is suggested that the river will continue to rise this week, so school was cancelled. Many families have had their homes/huts wiped out and many fields of crops have been lost. It is devastating to see this take place. We have been told that the river is setting records for how high it is and it is only August. Rainy season will continue for another few weeks and we are told that the river typically continues to rise until December. It will likely drop a little bit when we hit our mini hot season in month or so, but the water from further North is what causes the river to continue to rise.

As for our home, we are not in danger of being flooded, other than from our washing machine. Last nights load of laundry was fairly active. During the spin cycle it actually spun the machine right around, once again pulling the drain from the wall. Thankfully my husband has come up with a way to hold the machine in place. So far so good!!

We will keep you posted and appreciate your prayers.

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