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Moving Forward

Posted by on September 8, 2012

This week was our third week without school. Our week started off at a BBQ with staff. The place we met at had a lovely view of the river.

The girls have been very resourceful and creative. They have really had a lot of fun with salt dough. Their first creations were marbles.

Salt Dough Marbles


As the week went by, Stacy had some days at home so we took him to some of the markets. While we were out, we purchased fabric to make some curtains. Then the girls and I had a sewing day. They  both are working on little projects. It was both a fun and productive day.


Yesterday was an exciting day as we moved into the elementary building. It is a lovely building, very bright and spacious. It is smaller than what we had before, but it is going to work quit nicely. I spent the day organizing the contents of my classroom.

My Classroom – let the sorting begin!

This next week will be a busy one as we continue to move forward, new accommodations have been found for the dorm and the secondary students. Both these moves will take place this week and school will start the following Monday, September 17.  What a day of rejoicing that will be!

The dorms and the school buildings are all within a few blocks of each other. We have some figuring to do as Rebekah and I will be at one building, Brianna will be at another and we don’t really know where Stacy will be and what he will be doing, as decisions still need to be made about the future of Sahel’s campus.

For us, it has been a blessing to have this little break from school. It has given us the opportunity to settle into the area and figure out shopping and driving routes. It gave us some time to settle into our house and to feel at home. It also gave us time to get to know and play with the puppy.

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