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Monday…these are a few of my favourite things

Posted by on September 22, 2012

Mondays are typically not the most favourite day of the week, but for our family this past week, it truly was one of our favourite days.

Monday morning came early, the alarm going off much earlier than it had for the past month. As we got ourselves ready, we headed out the door for our second first day of school. We are so blessed! The first day of school is a great day, there is excitement and enthusiasm, there is anticipation and there is reuniting with friends. Even for our second first day, we were not disappointed. We headed off to our new locations, eager and ready for the day ahead, very different from 6 weeks ago! Stacy dropped Rebekah and I off at the elementary building and then took Brianna to the Secondary building. We are only a few blocks a part, separated by one of the slowest, bumpiest sandy African roads you can imagine. Most mornings it has us laughing as we are being thrown around the interior of our truck. I discovered my need this week for a travel mug. Drinking my morning cup of tea from a mug in these conditions is not great. Fortunately I didn’t wear white and I had a bug mug that I could hold to strategically cover up the spill marks on my shirt when I was reunited with the parents of my students. Note to self, drink tea before leaving home or enjoy it when you return home.


The girls and I would say that our first day was a success. Lot’s of fun and excitement. Stacy on the other hand, had a little bit more stressful week and gained a better understanding of plumbing here. Day one water was spraying from taps, Day two the a sink came crashing to the floor, day 3 brought a bid-day hose spraying all over a bathroom and day 4 brought toilet issues and day 5 some resolutions to the plumbing concerns. In and amongst that, Stacy was building walls, fixing drawers and doors, and driving around trying to avoid vehicle accidents.

Monday also brought us some simple pleasures as we received some parcels. Our love buckets were filled to overflowing as it was like Christmas day. When we left Canada, we knew we were leaving ‘things’ behind, but we had no idea until we got here what that really meant. As we unpacked our 9 suitcases we discovered how many things we didn’t have. We have been working on gratitude as daily we discover more ‘things’ we miss or wish we could have with us. As our parcels arrived this week, we could hardly contain our excitement. Here are some pictures of some of our favourite items. Brianna got her friendship bracelet books and has feverishly been making bracelets.

Rebekah was up way to early the next morning so she could play with her Barbies.

I am still smiling as I open my cupboard to see more than 5 plastic rubbermaid and tupperware containers that have lids that work, are not broken, and are not sticky or stinky! It is actually fun to put leftovers away and pack lunches now.

Stacy is eagerly waiting to use his cleats at softball today and have a guys night where he can watch his new release DVD that he doesn’t have to wait another 22 months to watch.

As you can see, we have much to be thankful for this week. As blessed as we are, we are well aware that there are still needs all around us. One is for Sahel itself. Due to the flooding, Sahel has had an increase of costs to cover rent, and restoration. SIM, the organization that Sahel is a part of, was hit by the flood on a few of their campuses. In their relief efforts, they are also including costs to help rebuild the community.  We are sadly aware that there are those around us who are still suffering from the effects of the flood. As we celebrate new beginnings, we have others in our lives here who still do not have a home for their families to live them. There are many who are displaced and in need of shelter, food and the love of Jesus. We are so thankful for our partners who gave so generously to help make it possible for us to come to Africa. We are honored to be here and to be helping out where we can and making a difference for others. As an overall organization, SIM is in need of funds so that we can continue to run the school, the bible school and help rebuild the community. If you are willing and able to be send funds for these purposes, please go to

There has also been an account established at ACSI (The Association of Christian Schools International) headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA where you can contribute to the relief efforts at Sahel Academy.  We are a member school of ACSI and they are trying to help in any way they can to help us get back up on our feet.  They have a disaster relief fund which is outlined at this address:

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