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Africa updates from Last Week

Posted by on November 22, 2012

Here it is, last weeks blog post!

Before our house was hit with all kinds of nasty germs that put the four of us in bed for days on end, I had some exciting and funny posts to share. We will see if I can remember what those were now! Here is a glimpse of our past weekend….

We have entered into cold season. I am not entirely sure what that means, 35 degrees during the day is still pretty toasty to me. I have noticed that the temperature does drop considerably at night now. Last week, the girls asked if I could close their window when I went to bed, otherwise they were to cold. Brianna actually came out one morning with her hoody, cozy socks, and pants and had been wrapped in her blankets. As we got ready for school that morning, we headed outside. Us girls all turned around and got sweaters. We checked the temperature is was 21 degrees!!! COLD!!!…ha, ha, ha. It was actually pretty funny that it was the Canadian’s that were the ones wearing the sweaters.

Last week we were gearing up for the big Track and Field Day. This is a school event with lot’s of excitement. Unfortunately, Stacy and I missed most of the event. We did manage to scrape together enough Advil to make it over to the Stadium and see the girls. We saw Brianna do shot put and run the 200m. Rebekah wasn’t feeling great so she hung out with us. I also saw my kindy class run the 50m. It was awesome. From what we hear, it was a fun day for all. The sun was out, it was hot and everyone played hard. Hopefully we will get to participate more fully next year.


Another fantastic find in our house this past week, termites in the third kitchen cupboard and oh ya….. what is this?? It is not a clump of thread…. it is a lizard carcass. Really, where do these things come from anyway? I clean more often than that, don’t I? Maybe I don’t. Anyway, this poor little guy made us laugh, we might have to add him to the bat carcass we have somewhere back in Canada.


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