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Posted by on November 25, 2012

Last night as I went to bed, I was thinking about what I might blog about this week. After all, we have hardly left the house in 10 days now. What could I possibly share. Then it came to me.

It was roughly five months ago when Stacy and I headed to Minneapolis for Orientation. Little did we know then what we would be getting ourselves into. There was so much to do done, there was excitement and anticipation, there was grief as we were having to say good-bye. Life was a whirlwind.

At orientation, we were challenged with this idea of change and adaptation. Within a few sessions, I wasn’t sure we should be embarking on this adventure. It was going to be hard. It was going to hurt. It was going to require change. We were going to be uncomfortable. I didn’t like the sounds of any of that. I wanted something that would be fun. A once in a life time incredible opportunity. Wait a second, you can’t have one without the other.

This week, sitting inside we heard our dog Chaco barking away. Brianna went to check on him. Within seconds we hear her hollering, there are chameleons in the garden. Grabbing the camera, we all dart outside to discover three chameleons, varying in size. There was definitely one that was boss! We watched them for quite a while. Rebekah was catching them in the original flour sifter, as she did, we would watch them change colour.

Stacy liked their feet, and we laughed hysterically as we watched these poor little creatures try and climb the tree. Where these critters came from, we don’t know. They are not fast like the lizards though and as much as we tried to protect them, they became a fun little chew toy for Chaco.


So, as we watched fascinated by these critters, I was really impressed with their colour changing. It isn’t like in the cartoons though. I wondered, how much have we changed?

Then I recalled a conversation I had early this month. How you know you have begun to adapt to your new culture:

– When you first arrived, you were disgusted by the amount of dust and sand on the furniture, especially the kitchen table. Now, you write the menu in it.

– When you noticed the first weavel in your rice, you threw out the whole batch. Now, you fish them up and cook it anyway.

– When sweat began to show on your shirt, you thought you should wash and change. Now you realize everyone’s shirt looks the same and all you would ever do is wash and change so instead, you just apply more deoderant.

– When you walked outside, you would constantly brush the sand off your feet, now you just carry on and don’t even notice it.

– When you first start driving, you are terrified, now you laugh at the ridiculous stunts and sights that you see daily.

– When you eat outside, you want to cover everything with napkins and towels to keep the flies off, now you realize it is pointless, you just make sure there isn’t one on your next bite or floating in your drink.

– Your first walk in the market, you are aware of some unfamiliar smells that are not necessarily pleasant. Now, it sparks a fond memory.

As we look at some of these ways we have adapted, we are encouraged. We are growing. We are changing. We are having fun. We are having an incredible life experience that is forever changing us. It hasn’t been easy. It hasn’t all be fun. But no one promised it would be. Then I realize that it is through life circumstances that we can become the people God intended us to be. How we chose to handle each situation, will we let it transform us or defeat us? I am so thankful I am learning to blend. I have not mastered it, but I know I am so much more adaptable than I was before. It has made me freer. It has made me happier. It has made me more confident. It has made more room for Christ in me.


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