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Christmas Break Begins

Posted by on December 17, 2012

This past week was filled with much emotion. We wrapped up school for the Christmas break. That of course brought much excitement and relief from all of us, we will get a break from those early mornings. I finished up my first round of report cards too.

For Brianna, She completed her first week of exams and did a great job. We are very proud of her. It wasn’t a week filled entirely of excitement though as she also said good-bye to a dear friend who is moving on to the Philippines. She will be greatly missed.

This picture of our Rebekah is one of her favourite highlights in her week. Riding from one school to the next in the back of the truck. Don’t worry, we are not on any major roads, just bumpy, sandy roads. Bekah loves riding in the back of the truck and would do it everyday if we let her.

This past weekend we also began prepping for Christmas. We went and purchases some gourd bowls. We are decorating them and using them as our African stockings. We had a lot of fun with the gourd bowls as you can see. The projects are not done yet, we hope to have them done by the 25th.


I am including a few links on the page for those of you who may be interested in helping with some of the restoration projects. There is info about some small teams and the help that is needed in the spring.

“The flood that took place in August 2012 in Niger has had many continuing complications for Sahel Academy. While the school is no longer flooded, the campus is in disrepair and in need of restoration in order to resume classes in August, 2013.

We are looking for people to come serve with us to accomplish a two phase clean up of Sahel Academy. Are you interested in coming or bringing a team to help for 7-10 days? The days may be hot but the work will be rewarding as we see the school being renewed and prepared for classes to restart at the campus in August!

We are looking for at least two teams to come each month during March, April, and May for the first phase of cleanup and rehabilitation of the school. The work will include: washing, scrubbing, cleaning, scraping, sanding, varnishing, painting landscaping, sorting, etc…

Then we are looking again for a couple of teams to come in June, July, and August for the second phase. It will probably include some of the first phase of work as well, but will also include the moving of the Sahel school materials from the temporary locations back to the Sahel Academy campus. These teams will help prepare the school for its August restart.

Teams will be housed and fed at the Sahel campus in order to help keep the team fundraising costs down.

For more information please contact Nancy DeValve at


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