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Walking in a sandy Wonderland

Posted by on December 30, 2012

There was no snow for us this Christmas, just a whole lot of sand. The anticipation for Christmas mounted high like years past. We had a lot of fun as a family. We celebrated Christmas in ways we hadn’t before. Here is a snapshot of our family Christmas…

The morning of the 24th, we decided to put together some hampers to bless a few locals that God has placed in our lives. It was wonderful to be able to bless them in this way, to see their faces light up.

It was a great start to our families festivities. We spent the rest of the morning painting our Calbasha bowls that would become our African Christmas stockings. The rest of the day was spent playing games, eating, laughing and having fun as a family. We even managed to have the traditional Christmas Canellonni.

It was a tasty treat that we got to share with friends. We ended the day watching the “Muppet Family Christmas” and a family sleepover in the living room.

Christmas day started nice and early. We had the privilege of watching our Canadian families open their African gifts. We were so excited that they got them in time for Christmas. Thanks to everyone who made that possible! Our day continued full of surprises. One of our favourites was the waffle iron that we surprised the girls with, we then got to enjoy waffles for the first time in months….boy were they good!

What a great treat, now we just have to figure out how to get more maple syrup. After our brunch we got together with friends and played some games, then it was back home to have a water balloon fight. Why? because we could! It was 29 degrees on Christmas day, you just can’t pass up that opportunity.


Our Christmas dinner was quiet, and turkey free. I did see frozen turkeys’ in town but they were over $100, maybe I haven’t learned where to shop yet, but the roasting chickens that we had were lovely. Our day ended with skyping with Stacy’s family. It was a lovely day. We went to bed praising God with full hearts.

So far, it sounds like our Christmas was full with all the North American festivities. In deed it was, but I want to share with you what our family discovered this Christmas.  We discovered we like each other. We discovered it is fun to be together. We discovered how grown up our girls are and what beautiful young women they are. We had great moments of sharing our love for each other. We had the privilege of praying for our partners and extended family that we were away from this Christmas. This Christmas, we discovered rich blessings in simplicity. We were reminded once again how good God is and that He is more than enough. We were reminded of the power of choice and that we are never alone. We felt a deep sense of God’s love this Christmas even when nothing seemed to be the same. What a comfort knowing that no matter where we are, no matter what we are doing, or who we are with, God’s love is deeper, higher, wider and longer than we could ever imagine. He is always present. He is always showing us His amazing love. I pray that you felt His love this Christmas season.


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