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Happy New Year….better late than never!

Posted by on January 16, 2013

Can it already almost mid-January? Where has the time gone?!

New Year’s here was loud with fireworks galore. We were not a part of the festivities but sure heard them. We hope to explore more next year.

I spent the first week in January getting into the classroom, I am telling you, you have no idea what dust is in North America. Dust and sand everywhere even though things were covered up. Brianna also had a broken tooth so we got to go to the dentist. The experience was not as bad as we thought it would be. We were both pretty impressed with how current and fancy the set up was.

This past week have had guests as there has been a conference here that we have all been attending. It has been fun sitting up and talking and playing games, listen to the amazing work that is being done in and around Niger, as well as being spurred on by a church from the United States. The kids also participated in fantastic youth and children’s programs by this same church. We all came away from it feeling so blessed.

After conference, we got to head out on a wonderful family retreat. we headed to Parc W for an African get away. We stayed in some lovely bungalows along the river. They were quaint; we fell in love with the area immediately.

On the drive in, the kids loved riding atop the vehicles while watching for wildlife.

At the site, we went on some pirogue rides on the river and discovered many more animals.

It was absolutely amazing. It was intense when we spotted the hippos, or more when they disappeared under the water and we discovered it was Mumma and her babies.

The elephants were enormous, we loved hearing them trumpet.

We loved discovering these animals outside of the zoo, what a different experience.

We were so taken with the diversity in God’s creation, His amazing creativity and His enjoyment for beauty.

We loved being able to sit and listen to nature sing to us, it was so peaceful and serene.

As we drove through the parc, there were sections that were dead. I couldn’t help but notice these bright yellow flowers that were coming up through the dry ground. I felt it both as a promise and a challenge. The promise…. God has already brought hope to me. Has has brought sunshine to my darkness and brightened my life. He is my flower even in my dark, dry times. The challenge…How can I bring Him to someone else? How can I bring some light? Some encouragement to someone else? This is challenging when I know so little of the local language and life feels so full, but those are only excuses. I want to be like this flower, used by God to bring colour, to bring life to someone who needs it. In spite of my inadequacies. If He can make a beautiful sunshine flower bloom in dry ground, He can use me and you!

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