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Posted by on January 19, 2013

To think it was a year ago we first heard about Sahel and their need for more staff. A year ago we were freezing in Canada sending out emails inquiring about Sahel. Not fully expecting any of it to happen. As God would have it, He provided above and beyond so that we could join the team here and it has been an amazing experience.

As we attended the Spiritual Life Conference a few weeks ago, we were reminded and encouraged about why we are here teaching at Sahel. We are supporting many others who are teaching literacy and sewing to adults, others who are translating scriptures, others who are providing medical care for fistula, malaria, and maternity patients, and still others who are working with orphans. It is amazing to see the work that is going on in this area.

This past week we have received the staff needs list for the following year. We ask that you would join us in praying for God’s provision of staff. It would be great to have short term and long term commitments. Pray for the funds to come in for those who are interested in coming. Pray for the many details that they will need to take care of. We are excited about what is in store for Sahel.

I will continue to teach the fabulous kindergarten students. Stacy hopes to see some construction begin to take place in the next year and the girls will carry on in their school studies. As you will see from the list, there is not a teacher for Rebekah for next year and many teachers are missing in the secondary school. We are hopeful and excited about how God will answer and provide. He already knows who is coming and what the next school year looks like, for that we are grateful.

Sahel Academy Staffing Needs – 2013-2014

Admin and support staff
Assistant Principal – URGENT
Human Resources Administrator
Business Manager
Youth Pastor/Youth Ministries Director – URGENT
Systems Administrator – URGENT
Administrative Assistant
Curriculum Development Manager
Food Services Manager

Boarding Program
Dorm Administrator – URGENT!!!!
Dorm Parents – URGENT!!!!
Dorm Assistant – URGENT

Grade 1 or 2 Teacher
Grade 3 Teacher
Grade 6 Teacher
Middle Grades Math (grades 7-8)
Upper Grades Math (grades 10-12)
Middle Grades English (grades 7-8)
High School English (grades 9-12)
Earth Science (grade 8)
History and Geography (grades 7-8)
20th Century World History
Business Studies
Home Economics
Art (K-12)
Music (K-12)
Bible (K-6)
Bible (grades 9-12)
Special Education Teachers – 2
Teacher Aides – 2
Teacher of English as a Second Language


Thank you for joining us in prayer and support…. both for the school and our family.

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