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Spreading Love

Posted by on February 17, 2013

This past week was a full one. It was spirit week at school. This is a week where we ‘get’ to dress up everyday in a different costume. It is a lot of fun and some of the kids really get into it. One day this week we were to dress like ‘old people’, with the interpretation left up to each student. In my kindergarten class we talked about old people. Here were some of their answers.

Q. How old is old?….A. 29!

Q. How old do you think I am then? (silly question really)…A. 29…..lot’s of laughing here

Q. How do you know when you are old?….A. When you talk funny and cough a lot. When you need a stick to walk with. When you can stay home.

Q. What do old people do at home?…A. Sleep and watch t.v.

Q. Do you know any old people?…A. My Nanna and Papa, Mike’*s Dad….more laughing! (*child’s name changed to preserve the dignity of the young father mentioned!)

This week, we also celebrated Valentine’s Day. In my class we took this day as a special opportunity to spread God’s love to others. Reminding family and friends that God loves them. As a family, we took the opportunity to make this day special for a group of lovely ladies that we have been getting to know here. They are delightful women, and very courageous to venture this way on their own. They inspire me. So for Valentine’s we decided to practice the proverb…”it is better to give than to receive”, had them over for a special sit down meal. Stacy and I did the cooking and the girls were the waitresses. It was a great night and as a family we decided it is better to give than receive. I must say, I was proud of the fact that I made Yorkshire pudding and it actually turned out, puffy and tasty!!

Blessed by this courageous and beautiful group of women. You are loved!


Taking a break to gobble down their dinner that they worked hard for!

This week, we also made the discovery of finding pasteurized milk. The girls have been craving milk, trying to find ways that they could get milk sent out here. I purchased 1.5 litres of milk this week. The girls loved the milk and have taken great delight in going to the fridge for nice cold glass of milk. I love how they have grown to appreciate the small things in life.



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