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Posted by on February 24, 2013

The temperature is rising! This week I didn’t even mind my cold showers. It seems that hot season has begun it’s approach and we are once again remembering what it is like to sweat. It won’t be long now and our chins and kneecaps will be sweating too.

This week we splurged and spent $2.00 on 100g (approx. 15 small)  strawberries, just so we could have a little treat.

They were so worth it. So sweet and juicy. They were a great addition to Sunday mornings breakfast treat of waffles. Yum!


As I was slicing up the strawberries, there was one that looked perfect, bright red, nice in size and shape, and still have the green leaf and stem. It truly was picture perfect. Mouth watering, I sliced into it only to discover it was overtaken on the inside with worms. How disappointing, that means we only have 14 strawberries to share now and the price of the 14 just went up. As I continued to slice, I couldn’t help but think how I am often like that strawberry. Doing my best to look good on the outside, appearing to have life together and hiding my flaws (or so I think). Yet I can be overtaken on the inside by worms… (not literally, although I have heard that can happen here too)…selfishness, bitterness, resentment, pride, just to name a few. Although I think I might be able to hide these worms from others, they may subtly show themselves because what is in the heart eventually comes out. Even though I think others may not see these worms, there is one who does. He sees my heart. He knows all that goes on with in and loves me just the same. He doesn’t toss me aside as a result of these worms, rather He picks me up and holds me. He forgives me. He helps me. Being here in Africa, I have come face to face with many of these worms and they are hard to get rid of. However, He is greater, He is bigger, and I want more of Him and less of me. I want more strawberry and less worms.

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