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The Village

Posted by on March 9, 2013

This week was incredible. Most days we had temperatures in the mid 40’s, it has been hot! They guys were working hard in the heat at the river campus. Although the week didn’t start off with the bang that they hoped it would, they managed to wrap the week up having reached their goal.

Today we had an amazing privilege. We traveled out to one of the surrounding villages with our friend Lisa.

It was great to go and meet some of her local friends and see the village that has captured her heart. While at her village we had the opportunity to see goats being distributed. It was five years ago that we started raising funds for goats here in Niger. Way back then I had hoped that we might be able to be part of this distribution. Today really was like a dream come true.


The people here are so beautiful and any colour looks amazing on them! The women here continually amaze me with their physical strength. The way they walk around with babies on their back and buckets of water on their head.

Then they pound millet. The girls and I took the opportunity to give it a whirl. We discovered our rythym is not near as good as theirs and our arms tired out very quickly. We provided a really good laugh for everyone.

The children in Africa continue to win my heart. They are made so strong from the beginning. When in the village, the children love to have their picture taken. They crowd around to see their picture on the camera screen afterwards, which is followed by squeals of delight. One of the little boys took hold of Scott’s hand. I love this picture.

We were privileged to meet one of Lisa’s dear friends in the village. She is a beautiful lady. She has a gentle countenance a wonderful smile. She was eager to pose with the girls.

The girls enjoyed their day. They loved seeing the goats, especially the babies. It was a fantastic day. We felt so blessed by our day by meeting these people. We were humbled by how we have been blessed and given so much, we once again realize that we have much to be thankful for.

Thank you for your amazing support and encouragement, we are blessed!


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