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The Temperature Rises

Posted by on March 17, 2013

It was another adventurous week in Africa. To bad I didn’t get pictures of all these events.

It started off with Bekah getting the chickenpox. Fortunately it was a mild case, but it still kept her home for the week. We are thankful that she is better now.

Then we had to say good-bye to Uncle Darin and Uncle Scott. That was hard. We are so thankful for their visit and the work they were able to complete while here. They were a blessing to us and our community. This was their last morning of work, if you think they look tired here, you are absolutely right!

We are also thankful that in spite of a few setbacks, they both made it home safely. Now we eagerly await our next guest.

The temperature continued to climb here this week, one of our friends here recorded 54 degrees in the sun one day. As a result we all have a lovely sheen to our faces most of the day; I think it is hardest on Stacy who works outside all day long. With the heat comes new experiences….. like touching walls that are ridiculously hot, hot water coming out of the cold water tap, sticking to the toilet seat, leaving sweaty marks on the couch when watching a show,….okay enough of that, now we are getting real personal. The heat also brings more power outages. We are back to stumbling around in the dark or sitting in stuffy classrooms while we wait for the power to return. As we enter these hot days, we are reminded that it is ever important to keep food in the fridge. This is what happens if you leave butter on the counter for more than 20 minutes…..

This past weekend I did experience winter as I defrosted our deep freeze. My fingers were freezing while I scraped the frost off the sides and took the large chunks of ice out from the freezer. It was a little reminder again of what cold is and that I haven’t felt cold in a long time. I have to admit, I do enjoy not being cold all the time.



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