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It’s Hot!

Posted by on May 5, 2013

Okay, so I don’t want to harp on this topic, but I was given this fantastic poem that our family completely relates to. It is awesome! I think I want to frame it.

It’s Hot! by Shel Siverstein

It’s Hot!
I can’t get cool,
I’ve drunk a quart of lemonade,
I think I’ll take my shoes off
And sit around in the shade.
It’s hot!
My back is sticky,
The sweat rolls down my chin.
I think I’ll take my clothes off
And sit around in my skin.
It’s hot!
I’ve tried with ‘lectric fans,
And pools and ice cream cones.
I think I’ll take my skin off
And sit around in my bones.
It’s still hot!

This sums up how we feel most days, although we have gradually adjusted to the heat the sweat continues to roll. Our appreciation for electricity, fans and air conditioners deepens. The other day as the fans came back on following a power outage, I heard Brianna say, “I am so thankful for fans and electricity.” Actually it blessed my heart. She probably hadn’t ever thought of that before. When it is 37 degrees in the house we wonder if the fans do anything, then the power goes out. When the fans come back on, we realize how much they were doing and we Praise Jesus for them!

Briann chillin Brianna chillin under the fan.

A few updates. Rebekah’s head has healed wonderfully, thank goodness for dental floss! She doesn’t seem to be having headaches anymore either.


We continue to be grateful for this. Chaco’s leg has also healed nicely. He no longer has a cast and is out chasing lizards and barking at hedgehogs most days. Again, we praise God for this.

Bri and Chaco

Our family has many other household pets, although we have not named them all because not all of them are welcome. We have what seems like an endless stream of termites in the kitchen. I wonder when the kitchen cabinet is going to crumble to the floor.


This week, I also have come face to face with a friendly little gecko. They don’t bother me so much, they eat the bugs I don’t like. However, I was greeted by one at 5 am the other morning as I was putting dishes away. Last night, he startled me again as he clung to the outside of one of the kitchen cabinets. Fortunately I won the staring contest and he took off underneath the termite infested cabinet. We might never seen him again! (Sorry I do not have a picture, my scream seems to scare him away before I am back with the camera!)

We only have a few weeks left of school, and you can tell. As the temperature remains high the kids and teachers are tired and covered in sweat, and everyone has a little less patience with each other. This past week I was doing tests with some of the Grade 1 class and we had no electricity. The poor kids worked on their test for over an hour, sweat pouring down their temples, chins, backs and necks. Their sweaty arms sticking to their test papers. They used their scrap paper and made fans to fan themselves with in between questions. They were real troopers. Only 22 days left of school.




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