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Where Did May Go?

Posted by on May 30, 2013

Wow! To think that we are at the end of May and this is only¬† my second blog post…. I am so sorry!!

The past three weeks have been quite an experience. We have not had internet at home, so I have only been able to quickly check and send emails from school. Thus the silence on our blog page. Not only that but we have experienced an incredible amount of power outages. This past weekend, I think we had about 12 hours of electricity from last Thursday – Sunday. It was crazy. This week has been much better, however it is no uncommon to have 2-3, 2 hour power outages a day, or night. Unfortunately for us the generator is not working either. The temperature in the house is usually about the mid 30’s. When the fans stop, the sweat just rolls faster. As a family we have had some fun making up new works to songs…. like ”and the sweat begins to roll….right down my spine…it goes on and on….all the time…” (Thanks Garth Brooks for the inspiration!)

The past few weeks we have also experienced a few dust storms. Those are a good time when one is out on playground duty. You can see the sky turn orange. Within minutes the wind is blowing and sand is everywhere. Due to the sweat that one has accumulated, once the storm passes you are pretty much a walking piece of sandpaper!

Then there are the friendly termites that just love my kitchen so much. Last week they started coming up through the grout. God bless those creatures.

The rebuilding of the campus is moving along. There is still much to be done. The teachers are packing up their classrooms and getting ready to head back to campus. It is all so much work. We are blessed to have as many hardworkers as we do.

Our family is doing well in spite of all of this fun. We are learning to set out minds and keep them set. To see the blessings and to believe that God is more than enough, that He will and is giving us what we need. We are more than conquerors and we can do anything through Him.

We all are looking forward to a break. To some down time. There are only a few days of school left and then we begin to say many good-byes to amazing people that we met this year. Some have finished their term here and others are just leaving for a year. Either way, there are a whole lot of good-byes. There is a lot of emotion.

I am sorry I don’t have pictures for this post, but I want to get something posted while I still have internet and electricity and pictures take a LONG time to download. Hopefully next week.

Thanks for reading.

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