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A Year in Reflection

Posted by on July 21, 2013

We are back! Yes, back to Africa and back to blogging.

We arrived back in Niger last week after a fantastic month getaway. It was so wonderful to see so many of our friends and partners when we were in Canada. Then we headed to the States and had a wonderful holiday with friends. We left feeling so refreshed and filled up, ready for what lies ahead.


This past week was a week of settling in, unpacking and enjoying time at home. The girls and I were blessed with a sewing machine when we were back in America. This week we began to work the machine hard as we put together quilt tops and curtains. Both girls also learned to crochet granny squares. It was a fun week of crafting. This week was not all fun and games though as we did have to eat. I was quickly reminded of how much time food prep takes here, not having to work this past week definitely made that easier and more enjoyable. We have food in the freezer once again and I am feeling settled.

IMG_5987 IMG_5982

I wondered how we would all transition back in to life here. We have been so blessed, it was as if we never left. We quickly picked up our poor french, have adjusted to the crazy driving and feel confident about our life here. Stacy was back at work on the river campus and is overseeing the restoration of two SIM properties. Nothing like diving in!

We are in rainy season so have enjoyed some lovely rains this week, along with boisterous rolling thunder. With the rains have been some cooler temperatures. It was lovely to wake up and open windows and let the cool 26 degrees blow through the house.

We have had good electricity and internet, we are so thankful. We have had a few minor power outages each day but that is to be expected and no big deal, especially since it is not 40 degrees.

So here we are, July 21, 2013.  It was the 21st of July when we arrived in Africa for the first time last year. We marvel at how quickly this past year went. It was a year that had many challenges, but it was also a year that had many victories. We had no idea what we were in for. Here are some of our reflections and learnings from this past year.


  •  the awesomeness of fans
  • getting Chaco
  • having my brothers visit
  • learning the new and or lack of rules of the road
  • victory of driving here
  • I have an understanding of what the phrase means, “God is not North American.”


  • victories and we learned new things
  • teaching… I LOVE IT
  • cold showers
  • sewing once again
  • african fabrics
  • brochettes and fries
  • communicating in another language
  • God is greater
  • gratitude goes a long ways


  • Great friends
  • christian friends
  • learning to deal with hot weather in different ways
  • getting Chaco
  • visiting villages
  • We need to trust God with all our life, not just little bits of it.


  • getting Chaco
  • the sand dunes
  • completed grade 5
  • sleepovers
  • meeting new people
  • God lets hard things happen, like floods, so that we learn to trust Him.


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