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Sand Storm

Posted by on July 28, 2013

It was another exciting week and we wrapped it up with a birthday celebration for Rebekah. We enjoyed one of our favourite local meals of brochettes and fries. Rebekah and Brianna also had the opportunity to get their hair braided and get henna. It was a wonderful day.

IMG_6001 IMG_6009

Today, we enjoyed a wonderful day as a family, playing games and relaxing. As we were enjoying our last hand of canasta, we could see the sky change colour. It had been a cloudy and overcast day, but late in the afternoon we could see the sky take on a light orange colour, and then grey.

IMG_6014 IMG_6011

Hanging clothes on the line at 4:10 we wondered if they would get to dry or the storm would come. By 4:25 the laundry was all back in the house and we were running around shutting windows and doors.


It went from daylight to darkness. The sky had an orange glow as if we were surrounded by fires. It was crazy.

IMG_6023 IMG_6025

The cards we were holding were now sandy and we could feel the sand between our teeth. As we hung our clean clothes on doorknobs around the house we could watch the air in the house become thick. An hour after the storm began, the sky was bright again and the rain was falling.

IMG_6035 IMG_6033

I pulled out the broom and began to sweep, this is what I swept up off of the dining room floor.


This is the layer of dust that was formed on the table that we were playing cards at.


The cloth after one quick swipe.


These storms are fascinating. It is amazing to see the transformation in such a short time period. Well, I need to go wash my hands now. I can’t take the stand and dirt that is now on my fingers from my keyboard. I guess I should clean my computer too!

Until next week.

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