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When it rains…You bring the clothes in

Posted by on August 13, 2013

Here we are in rainy season and this week has not disappointed. I do believe we have had rain almost everyday. The humidity is high and the sky has been mostly overcast. This brings so much mixed emotion.

We live in the desert, it is hot and dry most of the year. We go 7 months with out any precipitation, sunshine everyday! To you Canadians, this probably sounds like a piece of heaven. When the rains begin there is much smiling and people here are generally excited about the rains. It cools the weather, it means water for the crops. I have to admit, I have been taking this season for granted. In part because I have to walk through mud everyday from my classroom to the rest of campus.


The ground gets slippery and gooshie.


With each step, I feel the mud squish between my toes and I can feel it flick up onto the back of my skirt and legs.


With each step, I remind myself to be thankful and I paste a fake smile on my face. Next time, I am bringing rubber boots….but they have got to be cute!


Then the sand all gets tracked into the house or the classroom. Trails of sand everywhere, it is impossible to stay on top of it. If you take your shoes of your feet are covered and filthy with dry sand bits. It is like walking on sandpaper and terrible. I can’t stand crumbs on my feet, even if they are God’s crumbs. But, if I leave my shoes on I make a bigger mess….arghh, what am I do to?

Meanwhile, I haven’t been able to get laundry done all week. Although it was overcast this morning I thought it would be okay. I had just hung the third load of clean laundry on the line and was about to enter the house when it began. I could hear this little sound….rain drops. I walked out further into the yard, sighing heavily….”Really?!” I called the girls and we headed to the back yard to collect our clothes. Quickly tossing them into the baskets hoping not to lose any into the sand. We made it. Once we were in the house I had to figure out what I was going to do with all these wet items. I believe the phrase is “Creativity is birthed out of desperation”. So I set to work, wisely turning off the bedroom fan, I strung a line from our curtain rods, around our closet doors, back to the curtain rods and back to the closet doors….etc. Soon the line was full of clean wet clothes and the fan was on full force. What I had left in my laundry basket would have to hang on door knobs around the house.


Heading out into town, I noticed people smiling and laughing as they walked in the rain. It didn’t seem to bother them. Even those with their clean clothes that were just washed in the river and drying on the bridge rails or the bushes didn’t seem upset by this little inconvenience. As I drove around the city today, I watched children being splashed with water as vehicles drove by. They laughed as they carried on their way, unphased by the mud.

I can’t help but think, what is my problem. All I can think about is how my life is inconvenienced. When instead I should be thankful. This is a blessing. It is cooler. Soon the rain will be gone and we will be back to hot and dry. This is made for me to enjoy. I am missing so many opportunities to offer praise and thanks. As I work on my attitude, I bet the sun will come out….at least in my heart. So here it goes:

-My house has not fallen over due to rain.

-I am dry (when I am inside),

-I have a cute umbrella,

– The rain is needed and will provide good crops for many

– The air is cooler

– There was less traffic on the road which made getting around town so much easier

– So many smiles to see 🙂

– Green has returned

– I do love the sound of rain

– I have a broom and I can sweep the floor…..

-I can hang clothes inside

– I do have electricity

– I have clothes that need to be washed and hung on a line

– I don’t have to iron my clothes

I am really blessed, even in the rain!

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