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Back At School

Posted by on August 25, 2013

Well, school started a week and a half ago. It has been great. We have all enjoyed being back into routine, although the super early mornings are not necessarily so desirable!

IMG_6084 IMG_6083

As school kicked off, the girls are both off to a super start. They are working hard and making fantastic progress on their studies already. We are so proud of them. They both have been blessed with a fantastic group of teachers.

The staff at the school are such a blessing to us as they pour themselves into our kids and the many others that are attending this year. It is such an honour to have men and women that love the Lord, invest in our kids. We have an amazing community here that truly cares, and our kids get to benefit from it.

This week we have a single gal living with us too. The girls love her and she is an easy addition to our family. She won’t be with us long as she is heading back to the States, but we feel blessed and honoured to have her here.

The second year is such a different experience. We feel more confident. We know people. We are familiar with our surroundings. We know what everyday life is like. We can do this. We are experienced and we get to help others. What an incredible experience. We feel God has blessed us with many opportunities this year. Last year, as a newbie it was our year to receive, this year, it is our turn to serve and bless….after all, ¬†we are blessed to be a blessing. We are here to serve and to embrace the opportunities that God has presented to us, the questions is, will we be faithful?

This time last year, we were are pulling together to try and salvage what we could from the school as flood waters over took the campus. We praise God that the campus remains dry this year. The river is rising and although it has reached the dike, it still has a ways to go. We are believing we will remain safe and dry this year.


The other day as we were driving through town, I was gazing at the many amazing african prints, watching the women carry heavy loads on their heads and their shoulders, watching children run with smiles on their faces. Taking it all in. It felt so ¬†surreal, “Are we really here?”, “Are we really living in Africa, serving God?” It felt incredible. What an honour. “I love our life” is the phrase that quickly escaped my lips. What a blessing, to be invited to join God on such a huge adventure. Life here is so indescribable it still catches me off guard at times. Of course, it is not an easy and relaxing day in a green lush park, but it is rich and full, it is where we are suppose to be and that brings amazing peace.

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