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Random Happenings

Posted by on October 6, 2013

There is so much to update you on this week.

Last week we had a fantastic weekend with a group of dorm girls. I am not going to lie, I was a little nervous about having six teenage ¬†girls join our home for the weekend. There were a few good reasons for these jitters but am I ever glad I didn’t let me anxiety get the best of me. We had a lot of fun and were so incredibly blessed by this wonderful gaggle of girls. They slept, ate, did puzzles, ate, swam, ate, slept, ate, watched movies, ate, had great conversations and did I mention that they ate?

Dorm Girls

Stacy did well too considering he was drastically out numbered, his safe place was outside on the porch with the dog and his book!Dorm Stacy


Millet flour has become a common ingredient in our house as we have done away with flour and gluten products. This is one of the staple grains here. One of our guards enjoys gardening and so he grows a little millet patch in the corner of our yard each year. As millet grows, it looks much like corn. The little grains that form on the stock are prepared and eaten in a variety of ways. We have not eaten millet as couscous or an oatmeal replacement, but we do enjoy it in baked goods. Unfortunately, the mini hot season hit this year and our guard was not able to harvest his crop as the millet still required a few more good rains. This is the case for many of the crops this year. More rain was needed, as a result of this there will be many who go hungry this year.

Millet 1 Millet 2 Millet 3


On a lighter note, if any of you were considering opening a bank account this year, we would suggest you strongly consider the benefits. This is the billboard that is just out front of our street. It encourages opening a bank account with one months worth of salary. The motivation? One sheep per family! Let me ask you, what is your bank offering you these days?


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