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African Christmas Countdown Week 2

Posted by on December 14, 2013

Advent 11

December 10 – An oh so common site, women of all ages walking about and doing their daily tasks with babies tied on their backs.

Advent 12

December 11 – It’s not a clear picture, but here we are driving to school sharing the road with motorbikes, taxis, and donkey carts.

Advent 13

December 12 – A delicacy to Niger….crispy fried and seasoned grasshoppers…. they kind of taste like chez mix!

Advent 14

December 13 – Could they have fit any more on this toyota? We continue to be amazed at the packing skills here.

Advent 15

December 14 – and this is how we buy our peanuts…need I say more?!



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