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A picture a Day Continued….

Posted by on December 26, 2013

December 15 – This is what our feet look like at the end of a day…..dirty!

Advent 16


December 16 – The termites have eaten out underneath this shelf in our kitchen. The cat walked on it and the shelf fell in.

Advent 17

December 17 – A daily sit on our drive home.

Advent 18

December 18 – A home belonging to a national. A child’s favourite toy…. a tire

Advent 19

December 19- Some of the real beauty from the desert.

Advent 20

December 20 – A beautiful view across the desert as the sun sets.

Advent 21

December 21 – Brianna found a dead cockroach in her craft box, what a surprise

Advent 22

December 22 – Just another day heading to work….by camel!

Advent 23

December 23 – Check out this guys helmet. It is the equivalent of a beach bucket with a string.

Advent 24

December 24 – Out for a little shopping….an African mall!

Advent 25


December 25 – Merry Christmas!

Advent 26

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