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Posted by on April 5, 2014

Have you ever been surprised? I have. Sometimes it is a lot of fun as you, other times, I am completely embarrassed by it. Well, this past week we managed to pull off a surprise on the girls and Auntie Mel came for a visit. We had only known for a few days prior to her arrival that she was actually coming. Thursday night they went to bed and Friday morning, there she was. It was fantastic.

BekahMel BriMel


This began our spring break. So we headed off to have fun in Niamey, sitting beside the pool, going to see Giraffes, and heading to the dunes. It was a full week!

Girafe   Mel Giraffess  See the Giraffes in the background? We got out of the vehicle and there were approximately 16 giraffes. We were able to get about 15 feet away from them. There were even a few babies. 

Mel Joy Here we are the dune. We are standing on top of the dune and that is Niamey behind us. It was a lovely overcast evening. Not a great sunset, but a nice temperature!

Another highlight of the week was the container that was sent from Canada last summer, was finally released to us. It has been sitting in Africa since December. It was pretty exciting to unpack and receive all those treat. Now we will enjoy some good snacks for the last few months.



Well, it has been a busy few weeks and I am continually surprised with how quickly time goes by.  As we were reflecting this past week on our time here, I am in awe. Should I be surprised by all that God has done for us over these past two years? No. Or how He continually reveals Himself to us and showers us with blessings? No, yet I am. I am humbled and in awe at who He is. He has seen us through some amazing times these past few years….both good and hard. What an amazing God! I love that He loves surprises too!

Oh, and for those of you waiting for the kindergarten quote: “Once, I went to a playground. It had a hotel!” (I love the perspective of 5 year olds. Adults go to hotels and don’t even notice the playground)

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