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Another Garage Sale

Posted by on April 26, 2014

It’s so hard to believe that our time is wrapping up here. It’s so bittersweet and confusing at times. This weekend the school had a garage sale. We decided to host a table and try and downsize some of our possessions before we pack up for our return. It’s an interesting dilemma to try and pack life into suitcases. How do you pack up four peoples precious memories and belongings from two precious years in Africa into 8 pieces of luggage? It’s a good process to go through as it really makes you step back and evaluate what is valuable in life. Here are some thoughts and reflections…..

– I can’t believe how quickly stuff accumulates

– I can’t take it with me….either around the world or to glory!

– I wonder whom I can bless with this?

Garage Sale Start

So we had our table at the garage sale this morning and were thrilled with how everything sold. We finished with one tiny little box of stuff that we were able to donate to next years garage sale.

Garage Sale End

Although the garage sale was a success, the packing has hardly begun and will continue to grip at our hearts as we wrestle with the crossfire of holding onto our possessions, or leaving them behind. Living in the poorest country of the world gets at your heart. I feel sad because I cannot take certain things back to the land of plenty and I don’t want to do without, but when I look out on the street, it is full of people who would be thrilled to have even a portion of what we have been blessed with. Then I am tempted to feel guilty for being so selfish and greedy, for having so much. Striving to find a balance between gratitude for all that the Lord has blessed us with, trust that He will provide for us when we return to Canada, and willingness to sacrifice for the benefit of someone else.

As we head into these last few months here, there is so much to do and there are so many emotions. In art class this week we were working on perspective. When things are close up, they appear big and when they are far away, they appear small. Isn’t this like life, when it’s right in front of us, life can feel big and overwhelming. When we are anticipating something, it can seem so small and be taking forever. As I ponder perspective, I remember that I always have a choice and we don’t all see things the same way. So, here is a perspective from one of my kindergarten students, I wonder if you have every stayed somewhere like this before?

” I once went to a playground that had a hotel!”

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