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Never A Dull Moment

Posted by on May 4, 2014

It was such an interesting week this week. We started off with another fantastic Sandstorm. It is simply amazing to watch God at work. The sky goes such a beautiful and vibrant tint of orange. It is stunning. Unfortunately it brings a dump truck full of sand into the house. These pictures were taken from one of the parents at the school, they capture the storm so well.

10155357_568433819941861_2226483338538886919_n 858681_10152449036034048_6681618528677395331_o


As the week carried on there were some lively demonstrations by some of the local students. This happens from time to time as the school system here suffers. There is a lack of funds and materials. At times there are attempts from the students to take it into their own hands and prove a point. This week happened to be one of those weeks. When we came home from work, this is what we saw…. a stack of burnt tires. We spoke to our guard and asked how he and Chaco did during this time. He said that Chaco hid  in the guards bathroom at the back of the property. Poor guy, perhaps more of a pet then a guard dog!

TIres Chaco

As our week came to a close, we had a few extra days off. One of those days was a PD day so us teachers had ‘work’ to do. One of the events of the day was to compete in an Amazing Race around campus. We had a lot of fun devouring crickets and consuming mass amounts of bissap concentrate. Our mouths burned for a good while after these events. There were a few other side effects that we will leave unmentioned here! At the end of the race the Principals did a special awards ceremonies. Here are the awards Stacy and I earned.

Stacy Aware    Joy Award

Stacy received his award because due to the amount of water he is now consuming and sweating out in hot season. The other day he had consumed 6 litres by lunchtime. I would explain why I received my award, but I am not sure that any further comments are required at this point in time!

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