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God Displayed in His Creation!

Posted by on May 18, 2014















With only a few weeks left of school there is much to be done. This weekend we celebrated the students creative talents and we had an art festival at the school, piggy backed with a drama production of “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” by the secondary students. Display boards were set up around the courtyard with brightly coloured masterpiece from Kindergarten through grade 9. Inside the building we did a wall display of Psalm 19. Each grade had a different verse and did an art piece to represent it. It was a beautiful display of God’s amazing creation through the students artistic expressions.

Art 1 Art 2


Last week, we were blessed with some rain. It dropped the temperature but spiked the humidity. That aside, nothing can take the joy away that the rain brings. When one lives in a place of continually summer and does not have any precipitation for months on end, rain is a beautiful thing. One day last week, just as we were heading out for recess the rains came. The smiles on everyones faces were huge. Students were dancing and splashing in the rain. Teachers were out with their cameras, longing to dance but using self control. No one seemed to mind being wet, after all we are usually wet from sweat, now were wet from rain! It truly is a blessing when the rain comes. Again, I marvel at God’s creation and how big He is. It can be overwhelming when I allow myself the time to ponder what He has made, how He holds it all together. The joy He must feel, His creation is such an amazing display of His awesomeness.


An insight into daily life, as I sat quietly one morning in my chair enjoying my quiet time. I peered up only to discover this lovely “little” (note sarcasm here) cockroach hanging out on the Canadian flag across the room from me. It’s good to see the growth I have experienced as I just continued to sit there enjoying my quiet time. I figured, I can see him, it’s all okay. This lasted for a good 10 minutes and then he decided to spread his wings and fly, this is not good. People are in bed sleeping still. So I did what most people would do, I went and found the can of insect killer and a hefty shoe. I chased that guy down releasing poisonous spray that I knew would cause him to slow down enough I could then beat him with a shoe. Sure enough, I won. Settling back into my chair I thanked God for who He is. The strength He gives us to overcome and the growth and work He has done in my life. I would have laughed at you if you told me I would have been taking on cockroaches. I am continually in awe of the work that He has done in my life and my families lives. The victories and the challenges that we have learned to deal with, at times even embrace. I have decided, God created cockroaches to show His power as He given me the victory to overcome. He is a great big wonderful God!



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