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The Countdown Is On

Posted by on June 12, 2014

It’s amazing what happens to time. I have sat down a few times and started to enter a blog only to have the power go out or life get interrupted. Now I sit here well aware that in one weeks time we are on an airplane heading back to Canada.

School finished well and we are super proud of our girls accomplishments. They have done so well and have much to be proud of.

We spent the last week at the school packing up classrooms and getting organized for next years crew to come in. Don’t worry, we had some laughter and fun in there too!

We are ending the week off with packing at home. I cannot even begin to describe to journey and the challenge this is. We are well aware of the fact that it is all possession and we can take it with us, yet it is a tug of war every time you have to leave things behind. Having my children sift through and get rid of things that have been significant to them or came in a care package. “But Mom, this is still good and I can still use this.” It’s been an emotionally draining week. We have made great progress and hope to have it all taken care of by Tuesday.

At the same time we have been making last minute plans to bring our dear dog Chaco back to Canada with us. Of course this has brought about excitement from the girls, but continued uncertainty as they wonder how he will travel and where he will live once we arrive. We hope to find someone close to Fernie who will take him in for us so that the girls can still see him regularly and take him out for walks and to the property. We will wait to sort that out once we are in Canada.

I sit here feeling striped of everything once again. Feeling so weak for the journey that lies ahead, for what still needs to be finished in the next few days. I didn’t think I would feel this way when we left Africa, after all we are heading back to the land of plenty. Yet here I sit, unable to put words to all that is going on inside of my family and I, my heart aching because these hards days are days we must walk through. It is all part of the journey, it is a grieving. We are hoping and believing that this too will make us better people. That God will take these days and use them for His glory, for His Kingdom purposes.

So as we head into this weekend, we head knowing it is our last one in Africa for sometime. We head into it knowing there are lot’s of tough decisions still to be made and we will remind ourselves that “Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world.”

“Through Christ we can do all things.”

“He will never leave us for forsake us.”

He is more than enough and He is faithful. He has seen us through hard times before. Literally and figuratively He has taken us to the desert, He has walked us through and brought us out on the other side. He will be faithful once more. What an awesome God!

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