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In a Nutshell

Posted by on September 25, 2014

Well, it’s been a while since I have posted on the blog. I really didn’t think anyone would notice if I stopped, I was wrong. I will try and be more consistent with this now.

We have been back in Canada now for a few months and have settled into our new home. It has taken some time. There were things about transitioning back that really were no big deal. Yet, there were other things that have completely taken us by surprise and we have really had to wrestle them through.

So, heres a quick recap.

July we headed to Invermere and loaded a Uhaul with all of our stuff that was ‘stuffed’ into the bedroom in the basement. We were so blessed by those that showed up to help. Overwhelmed in fact. We even had lunch brought for us. The Uhaul was all loaded up and we were on our way to Fernie. When we arrived in Fernie, we had a new crew, as well as some of those that helped in Invermere, ready to unload the Uhaul. I can’t remember the exact time but I think it was sometime around 7 pm when the truck was empty.

Our first breakfast was an adventure. I went and purchased eggs, butter, hashbrowns, bacon and coffee. Thought I had it all covered until I started making breakfast. There was no salt or pepper, or any spices. There was no coffee maker either. So I dug deep and improvised. It all worked out, but I have since remedied these problems!

IMG_0064 (making coffee)

In August we were able to get all the boxes unpacked and most of the unwanted items delivered to the thrift store. We felt mostly settled but definitely were still adjusting. The girls and I helped out with the VBS program at the church and were blessed by that. We all really grieved as we were not back at Sahel when school started. Stacy continued to work diligently on paperwork and details that needed to be taken care of for our project here. We attended a church here and are excited to be a part of it. It is so full of life and truth. We are continually blessed and look forward to attending. August even afforded Stacy and I a week at home together while the kids were at cousins camp. That was a gift as well.

September approached and we started school. The girls are doing so amazing with their studies and working so hard. They seem to have most of the schedule kinks worked out and are really enjoying working at their own pace.  They are involved in a variety of extracurricular activities and getting to know kids their age. They both seem relaxed, having fun and enjoying life.


We all have been enjoying the outdoors, riding our bikes, running, going for walks. This is a beautiful community and very active. We are slowly picking up the momentum. Stacy is loving all the mountain biking trails and when I have enough courage, I go with him. In the meantime, I love running on all the trails.


The retreat centre is all happening in God’s timing. We are still working through different logistics and issues and planning for construction to start this spring. We have received very positive feedback from the area and are very eager to see how God will work out some of the kinks that still need to be resolved.


As I type this update I am amazed that we have only been back for 3 months. It has felt like so much longer than that and I realized how blessed we have been and continue to be. As fantastic as everything sounds, it has not all been easy, but we know the grace of God. He has been our strength. As I was out running the other day, I kept thinking about the many passages that speak of the mountains and how they often associated with peace. This is what I have discovered in the last few weeks. When I am out in the mountains, its me and God…. and I have a peace that passes all understanding. I feel His love. His care and I know that He is in control, working all things out for His good and glory. What an awesome God we live for!

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