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Character Lessons

Posted by on October 2, 2014

The past few weeks we have been studying a few different Bible characters. As we have, we have been completely amazed at who God is and what He does. We have been struck by the immense faith that these men and women have had and we feel challenged to have this same steadfastness.

This week we were reading about Moses and were reminded about the importance of good attitudes, even when things don’t go our way. This is so hard.

One of the ways we have been challenged with this is that God provided for us to bring Chaco, our dog, back from Africa with us. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to bring him to Fernie to live with us. So, in the meantime he hangs out in Calgary and we go in and see him about once a month. This has been very hard for us as a family. It’s as if a family member is missing and we are not quite sure why it has worked out this way. However, we are thankful for now he has a good home and is being well taken care of. We are thankful that we get to visit him on occasion. We are thankful that he is still our dog. We are praying and believing that God will make a way for us to bring him to live with us in Fernie soon.


Another way we are practicing faith is through this hurry up and wait process for building to begin on the retreat centre. I believe that God’s word is true. I believe that He has called us and He is faithful. As I look on the real life experiences of those in scripture, I realize that these hurdles that we face now are so much smaller than God. This is His property. This is His project and really, these seems smaller than asking Noah to build a ridiculously big boat, or Abraham to leave everything, or Joseph to be beaten and abandoned, or Moses to lead the Israelites.

So as I type this today, I am reminded that God is the one that keeps us living and breathing each day. He is the one that holds the world in His hands. He has called us. He is faithful, and just as His word says, “He is faithful to complete that which He has started.” It may not be my way or in my time, but His way and His time are better anyway!

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