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Here We Go Again!

Posted by on November 10, 2014

Well, last Tuesday morning we were sitting at home twiddling our thumbs waiting for the FedEx man to arrive. He finally came at 1:30 pm with the girls VISAs in hand. We were out the door in a flash!

Our trip to Calgary was beautiful with sections of snow covered mountains and prairies with a full rainbow. What  a gift from God.

The next morning we were up bright and early as we were heading to the airport. The first leg of the trip was an easy one, but as the day wore on, it seemed it would never end. It was a particularly long trip as 7 hours were added on last minute because of having to reroute the trip. We did eventually make it, 33 hours later, with 8 of our 9 pieces of luggage. It was good to be back.

We stepped off the plane and all smiled as we felt the warm air. It was 11 pm and 30 degrees. We collected our luggage and stepped out of the airport to a warm welcome from our dear friends. It was so good to be reunited. The trip to our house in the van was a noisy one…. I think  all 8 of us were talking at once, it was comical.

We arrived back at our house, but Chaco was not there. It seemed strange. The good thing is he is waiting for us in Calgary. When we return we get to take him to our home in Fernie :). Anyway, although the house was a little bit empty in comparison to when we lived there it still felt like home. Now it was time for bed.

Friday was an exciting day as we headed to the school. The smiles, hugs and squeals of delight seemed unending. Man did that fill us up. Seeing my sweet students from the past two years and receiving all their hugs meant so much to me. Seeing friends that we have missed so much in the past few months. It was such a great reunion.

In the afternoon, Stacy pulled out his African driving skills again and we headed out to get some groceries. It was a huge success. We forgot though how much longer things take here and what chaos the driving is.

As we start off this week, it is a busy one. We are feeling the heat and the sweat begins to pour once again. While in the kitchen I wipe my upper lip from the droplets that continue to form. While sitting down to do some work, I feel the sweat run down my spine. Something very satisfying about that…. I am not shivering!

So our week is full. Stacy is busily repairing locks, replacing toilets and light bulbs, and working through his “Honey Do List”. I have been shopping and organizing details for the retreat and will begin preparing food in the next day or so. The girls have gone off to classes and are making the switch well, attend a class then work independent, attend a class, then work independent. They have loved the reunion with friends too. It is so good to see everyone laughing and smiling.

It all sounds so sweet, and truly, most of it is, however, we are still on adrenaline. One cannot possibly stay feeling this way. If it wasn’t for the adrenaline, we would likely be annoyed by all the little african inconveniences like: the fridge that speaks to us all night long with its high pitched squeal, the burnt out light bulbs, the quirky vehicle that we are driving (it has no power steering, but once did and really only the drivers door works), the lack of a properly functioning washing machine (we cart our dirty laundry with us to campus each day)… and we remember why so much here is exhausting. Yet, so much of it is satisfying and we wonder why our “simplified” life in North America although easier, seems dull and at times unsatisfying. Why can I feel okay with the inconveniences of life here but not in North America? I am perplexed by this world and it’s extremes. I am challenged and continue to wrestle through it all, hoping one day for a greater understanding, but content to know that God is still in control. He is still working on me no matter where I live.

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