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Praise and Prayer

March 2013

The school year is quickly coming to an end, there are only 9 weeks of school left.

We praise God for:

– his healing hand and continued great health

– a visit from Stacy’s brothers

– the restoration work that has begun at the river campus

– the parcel items that have continued to arrive for our family, we are so blessed!

What you can pray for:

– we would all end the school year well

– the many staff positions that need to be filled for next year

– the short term teams that are coming out to help with the restoration of the river campus. School starts mid August and we want to be back at the river campus.

– continued great health

Thank you once again for you support. We are truly blessed!

November 2012

Wow it’s been a long time since I updated these pages. Thanks Dad for the heads up! I will try not to make this to long.

– Our house is rented for the full two years we are gone

– We have survived a flood at the school. We have moved the school and restarted school all within one month.

– We have all transitioned well into our new culture. We all are enjoying our time here.

– This is truly an amazing community

To pray for:

– Stacy and I are both fighting malaria right now and Rebekah is fighting a virus. Pray for healing and good health.

– Wisdom for the many situations that we experience everyday.

– Pray for all of us as we continue to try and learn French.

– Pray for the administration of the school as they make plans for rebuilding the campus. Stacy is kind of in between jobs right now as the previous construction projects did not take place due the flood. He will help with restoration when that takes place in the new year.

– Pray for the girls as they go about their school days. They do find the longer days a little harder. The school work also seems to be quite a bit harder for both of them. They are persevering.

July 29, 2012

We have so much to be thankful for these days. We have arrived safe, with all of our luggage. Nothing was broken. Jet lag was hardly even an issue. We have a wonderful house to call home and a great welcoming committee. God has given us great strength in this first week.

Please continue to pray for our house to be rented. Pray for us as we transition into our new jobs. Joy still have curriculum planning to do. Stacy as a learning curve on how construction is done here, but great yet is the heat. Pray for the girls as they continue to settle in and make some friends.

We are so thankful for all the support.

June 30, 2012

We have received the go ahead to book our flights. We hope to confirm those on Tuesday. We are so thankful for all the support that has come in. Pray for smooth sailing as we apply for our VISAs next week too.

We are so thankful for the friends and family that have helped us pack up the house. What an amazing blessing that is. Pray for a safe productive week as we finish getting the house ready for renters. Pray too for the right renters for our house for the next two years.

We are so thankful for the time away as a couple and the chance to enjoy some much needed R&R.

We are also thankful for the time our girls are getting enjoy with extended family the next few weeks. They are having a blast!

April 10, 2012

God is a good God and oh so faithful. I love that He is in the business of growing us and increasing our faith. I can’t say I am necessarily fond of the process, but I do like the outcome. This past weekend, we saw God’s hand as he provided shoes for our family, an unexpected sell of Stacy’s motorbike in a rubbermaid, and great encouragement from our Life Group. We feel so blessed by God’s provision. By the perspective He has given us. By the strength He gives us to face each day.


We have so much to Praise God for:

  • amazing support and encouragement from friends and family
  • the paperwork and acceptance process moving so quickly
  • the gifts and abilities that God has given us to use for Him in Africa
  • internet and technology that allows us to communicate regularly with those in Niamey
  • the anticipation that we have as a family
  • God’s provision for our French lessons
  • Funds have started coming in…thank you
  • We have a house on campus
  • We have been finding some cute cotton clothes to take with us


We need prayer for the following:

  • the right family to rent our house while we are gone and the timing of this
  • continue courage as we raise funds
  • God’s timing for our departure – we are believing for the middle of July
  • emotional journey that we are on as we prepare to say good-bye
  • peace and confidence that God is in control
  • that we would catch on to French
  • preparation of the right place for us to settle in Niamey, adapting to the culture, language and weather

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